Tailwind Technical Services

About Tailwind

Tailwind Technical Services and it's associated domain, twts.com, have been with me for a long time. However, the Tailwind name has not been used in my business for some time now, so it's time to assign it a new task. As I'm not interested in giving up the domain, twts.com has been relegated to the task of Gateway to other places.

About Selling this Domain

I've received several inquiries about the possibility of selling the domain and I wanted to address that here. I am currently not interested, as twts.com is pretty entrenched in my daily life and it would be real pain giving it up right now ... so thanks, but no thanks!

About Me

As a freelance developer, I develop Web Applications and Web Sites using HTML5, CSS3, PHP 5, Javascript and mySQL. I've also settled on a php framework called CodeIgniter and a couple derivatives to help speed up development times.

This is not a full time gig for me as I'm currently retired, but I still enjoy coding and do so on a part time basis, so if you have a project that I might be interested in, feel free to contact me.