Tailwind Technical Services and it's associated domain, twts.com, have been with me for a long time. However, the Tailwind name has not been used in my business for some time now, so it's time to assign it a new task. As I'm not interested in giving up the domain, twts.com has been relegated to the task of Gateway to my other domains.

As a freelance developer, I develop Web Applications and Web Sites using HTML5, CSS3, PHP 5, Javascript and mySQL. I've also settled on a php framework called CodeIgniter and a couple derivatives to help speed up development times.

Some of the tools I use for development include RapidPHP code editor, Artisteer for template design, GIMP and Inkscape for graphic stuff, and of host of others, but these are the tools I use most often.

For invoicing I use a product called Pancake, which is actually a web application that you deploy on a web server and it provides many useful features for a freelancer, including Invoicing, creating Proposals, Tracking Payments and more.